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Monday, March 14, 2005

2005 Season Preview - Team #21 - Houston Astros

Until Lance Berkman gets back from injury – and possibly after he gets back – the Astros will most likely have the worst offense in baseball. Maybe Kansas City or Pittsburgh can hang with them, but I’m not so sure. The team that came within a few outs of the World Series last year is gone. And by team I mean “Carlos Beltran.” Seriously, is anyone in this lineup going to scare people? Bagwell and Biggio are finished, and everyone else ranges from those too old to be considered prospects (Ensberg, Lane) to those who were never good to begin with (Ausmus, Vizcaino, Orlando Palmeiro). As for the pitching, Oswalt is still the cat’s nutsac, but Pettitte is damaged goods, Brandon Backe reeks of Jaret Wright/John Lackey-itis, and Roger Clemens will be on the Yankees by mid-July. Can you say rebuilding?


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