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Thursday, March 10, 2005

2005 Season Preview - Team #23 - Detroit Tigers

Remember the days when free agents would happily sign with teams all over the United States and not just coastal teams with large cable TV deals? The days of Cy Young winners like Mark Davis signing with Kansas City are long over. (Though maybe Davis knew he’d be injured and horrible and therefore chose to pitch away from the spotlight.) Anyway, it sucks for the Tigers to know that the only way they’ll sign a marquee name is by overpaying them AFTER they can’t find a job anywhere else. And early signee Troy Percival hardly counts because he’s just not that good anymore.

That said, the tigers could surprise some people this year, since the AL Central should be a pretty easy division to hang around in. If their young pitching staff turns it up a bit, and reluctant/question marked Tigers Magglio Ordonez (messed up knee) and Pudge Rodriguez (lost 20 pounds of "muscle") play up to their usual level, then the Tigers might finally be as good as their new stadium.


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