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Thursday, March 10, 2005

2005 Season Preview - Team #24 - Milwaukee Brewers

Poor Milwaukee. Unlike the Devil Rays, the Brewers actually do have fans. But like the Devil Rays, the Brewers play in a tough division and don’t stand much of a chance at making the playoffs. The only difference is that if they keep some of these guys around for a few years – and if uber-kids Rickie Weeks and Prince Fielder are as good as advertised – they could leap frog up to the top. But if Ben Sheets bolts for the Yankees, Red Sox or other marquee team, then it’s back to square one.

As for 2005, I really like the moves they made – sending a journeyman “all-star” closer and poor hitting speedster Scott Posedsksinkcicnnnkick for a studly pitching prospect and Carlos Lee. If Miller Park makes Richie Sexson look like Pedro Cerrano, then Lee’s got a good shot at a pretty sick season.


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