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Thursday, March 10, 2005

2005 Season Preview - Team #26 - Toronto Blue Jays

Last year I wrote my usual MLB season preview for Flipped Online (, only for whatever reason I never sent it to my “editors.” I think it was because I was away for the week leading up to the season and didn’t write it until the middle of the first week – and didn’t feel right about “cheating” like that. After all, even a few days worth of watching games gives you a sense of who’s good and who’s not. Then again maybe I didn’t send it because I picked the Red Sox to finish in third place and didn’t want to be right about that – or seem wrong if they ended up being good. But why did I pick the Sox to finish third? Because I thought the Blue Jays were going to the World Series. Yup. I thought they’d surprise everyone and lose to the Cubs in the fall classic. And never was I more happy to be wrong – for the sake of the Sox, not the Blue Jays. After all, it would be nice if the Sky Dome was actually full of people again. But no. Halladay got hurt, Delgado slumped, Hinske vanished, and the rest of the pitching staff – which I thought would be great since in 2003, Lilly, Hentgen and Towers all KILLED the Red Sox – really just fell flat. The Jays finished in last and until now my boldly stupid prediction was in hiding. This year I’m not falling for it again – though since they actually look bad on paper this time around, maybe they’ll actually be good this year.


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