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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

2005 Season Preview - Team #29 - Colorado Rockies

The Rockies are like the anti-A’s. Whereas Oakland develops players only to see them (and/or help them) reluctantly bolt town when it’s time for a raise, the Rockies do the opposite. The Rockies take mediocre players, watch their stats balloon thanks to 82 games in Coors Field, and then are perfectly happy when they find someone else to pay an inflated contract. Take Vinny Castilla. The guy can’t hit outside of Colorado and gets $6 Million over two years with Washington. Jeromy Burnitz? $5 Million over one year from the Cubs. Do GMs from these teams not know how to use the “split stats” feature on

Meanwhile, more than 50% of the Rockies’ 2005 starting lineup, at least 40% of their rotation – and even their closer have a year or less of major league experience. Oh well, at least all those homers make their games fun to watch on TV.


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