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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Baseball-free Album Review: Doves - Some Cities

It seems that English trio Doves (Dude, where’s the “The”?) got the memo that the best bits of their last album – the most excellent “The Last Broadcast” – were epic buildup monsters like “Satellites,” “There Goes the Fear,” and the blood rushing, stadium-ready soccer anthem “Pounding.” Therefore, nearly every song on “Some Cities” features the same formula, which makes for a catchy, fun and ultimately repetitive affair. Yes, we all love the “Be My Baby” drumbeat and perfectly chiming guitars, but what happened to the diversity that made “Broadcast” and their spectacularly moody debut “Lost Souls” so enjoyable?

When “Some Cities” is on – like in the sublime title track, and the way “Sky Starts Falling” spins a typically-Dovesish track into a surprisingly noisy direction – you feel the magic that more often than not makes this band soar. But too much of the same, as well as a few missteps (“The Storm” sounds exactly like Portishead, and I doubt even Portishead wants to sound like Portishead anymore), makes it a slight letdown.



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