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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

About last night...

1. I'm amazed K-Rod made it through two whole seasons before a) being named closer and b) getting injured.

2. I'm equally amazed that Cliff Floyd has 11 homers in mid-May. He hasn't stubbed a toe in weeks!

3. The Yankees have won 9 in a row thanks to Tino and Bernie. Think how bad they'd be with Beltran on board.

4. The Padres have climbed into a tie for first. Don't expect them to leave any time soon.

5. Brian Moehler? He's got a 2.17 ERA as the Marlins fifth starter...and the team is only 20-15. How is this possible? They should have the best record in baseball. End of story.

6. The Red Sox left 13 men on base in Oakland. I think 16 of them by Edgar Renteria. Actually that's not fair...they had FIVE players leave at least 4 men on base. Were they just waiting for Dotel to come in? Didn't matter...they're just not playing well right now.


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