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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The finger and the boot

So Danny Graves flips off a fan and gets kicked to the curb. Ok, this is the second time in a week that the REDS(tates) have essentially released a player for bad behavior. It's a nice sentiment and all, but there's something very family values about the whole thing. Fishy. But since dumping Danny the Reds are 2-0, and of course Graves will wind up on a contender instead of last place, so everyone wins.

In other news...

The thought definitely crossed the mind of every Red Sox fan that Ramiro Mendoza was still collecting Yankee paycheks while blowing games for the Sox. I'm not saying that David Wells is too, but jeez.

Javy Lopez is out six weeks. If the Orioles are still in first when he takes the field again, Lee Mazilli should win the Manager of the Year trophy then and there.

Brett Myers shuts down the Marlins for 7 innings, then they score 4 times from the 8th to the 10th, beating Billy Wagner in the process. That's six in a row. Finally.

The second place Brewers are a game below .500. Read that again.

Adam Eaton is 7-1. If you knew that, you're probably his Mom.

The Giants won and everyone's all happy because they're hanging around .500 and Mr. Happy Pants is on his way back from his totally non-steroid related injuries. A nice story and all, but I don't think Jason Schmidt and Mike Matheny will be hitting homers to win games in October. Just a hunch.


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