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Monday, May 23, 2005

Interleague Madness!

Went to the Mets-Yankees game yesterday. Great game until the Mets remembered that they weren't supposed to win in the first place. The two 7th inning errors were one thing - that's what happens when the left side of your infield has a combined age of about 22 - but there's one thing I can't understand. WHY? WHY? WHY? would they pitch to Matsui with a base open and Bernie on deck? Does Willie Randolph not get the YES network? Just wondering.

Other notes...

1. Between Jeff Weaver and Javier Vasquez, don't you think that Mel Stottlemyre should take SOME of the blame for their NY failures? Pitching for the Yankees can't have THAT much pressure. And aside from Tanyon Sturtze, name one pitcher who came to the Yankees in the last 10 years who's had their best years in the Bronx. Tough one, right?

2. Peter Angelos is obviously peeved that the Nationals took away some of the crowd at his Orioles games, but why would he put his foot down on an Interleague matchup? He'd rather play the Phillies? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

3. Just because I forgot to mention this earlier...Shea Hillenbrand is the new Todd Zeile.

4. And yes, that was 16 shutout innings yesterday from Chan Ho Park and Aaron Sele. Makes me want to pick up a curveball.


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