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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A short break

So I told myself that I'd actually keep up with the writing this season, but apparently that didn't work so good. Now here we are a month and a half into the season and I've already missed a number of things to comment on. I mean the Yankees actually did suck for a good chunk of the season and I missed it all. Poop. Had I been keeping up with the season, here's what I probably would have said about a few things...

1. The White Sox
I'm quite happy about their resurgence. After all, how many teams begin a season without three of their four best players from the previous season (Magglio, Carlos Lee and the injured Frank Thomas) and go on a tear. Plus you HAVE to love Scott Podsednik. A little white guy who's doing his dardnest to steal 100 bases? Who knew. And when the rotation features two guys the Yankees smuggled into the U.S on rafts and then kicked to the curb, well, what's not to like?

2. The Orioles
I liked them going into the season - but then again I thought the Blue Jays would win the East last year. Did I think they'd be in first in mid-May? Hell no. Do I think they'll be in September? Hell no. I don't think the Bruce Chen experience can last much longer. And the temporary outfield of Newhan, Gibbons and Fiorentino doesn't look too promising. But it's a start...and if Miguel Tejada didn't complain about Derek Lowe's "obscene gesture" in the 2003 ALDS, then I might like him even more.

3. The Dodgers
I'm completely shocked at how good they've been...and so have you.

4. The Diamondbacks
I'm not completely shocked at this - even though they were low in the preview. No expectations, nice additions, a coaching staff completely nicked from my '87 Topps set. Two thumbs up, way up.

5. The steroids.
So Mr. Beltre, Seattle isn't so close to Mexico, is it? And I really hope that all those guys on the Indians weren't strictly good on account of the juice.

And if it turns out that "the" Aaron Boone homer (as well as the two Giambi homers) in game 7 of the ALCS was steroid-aided, well, that wouldn't be too fun. Like brother, like brother, right?


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